Monday, June 13, 2011

What Is Click Income?

Welcome-It's Click Income Exposed!

Affiliates, do you know how companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Bing and so on make such HUGE profits, though their service is free to users? It's because every time you and I click online, they are getting paid by advertisers. Advertising revenue is a massive hundred billion$$ industry, but none of these companies above share any of their monstrous profits with you or I. In comes this new search engine Zibzoom, which will share up to 50% of its revenue through affiliate marketing money maker for you & I.

It's all explained in this video

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Zibzoom-More Than A Search Engine

Zibzoom offers so much more! With DealConnex (in partnership with Groupon, initially) you can save 50%-90% on daily deals in your local area, on things like Restaurants, Gyms, Spas, Trips and so on. Who in their right mind would refuse such a hot deal? Would you? I think not!
You can also be making more money simply by sharing your link with others through living social media like Facebook, You-tube, Twitter, Linkedin and so on, or anywhere bargain shopping online is offered.

Here's how to Maximise your Earning potential 

DealConnex is about to break all online sales records as people are coming in by the droves! Haven't you heard? Groupon alone has about 55 million subscribers and growing because people just love to go online, check out and take advantage of their 50%-90% daily deals in their local area, and even inform or gift family & friends in other towns and cities! I plug into my city deal, and I am presented with my deal, and so can you.
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With its Bargain Wizard portal, Zibzoom allows you to instantly find the BEST PRICE on whatever you are looking for online or offline, by providing you with the prices from the different businesses for the same item on the same webpage! Because you do not have to go surfing all over the net for that information, you save both TIME & MONEY !

With its Cash Vault, Zibzoom gives Zib points for registering for free offers from advertisers. At the end of each month, all your Zib points accumulate and are turned into cash for you!

Play Games Online with Zibzoom and get paid to do so! How cool is this?
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