Saturday, September 10, 2011

Road Map to Affiliate Success - How to Pick a Moneymaker Affiliate Marketing Blueprint By Valerie Mills

There's two ways to get started in affiliate marketing - create your own action plan or buy someone else's. Most people choose the latter and then begin a search for the roadmap to affiliate success.

Usable AND Profitable

Entering the wonderful world of affiliate marketing suddenly becomes a frightening nightmare. You can spend a lot of money find the perfect plan - one that's usable (easy to follow) as well as being profitable.

Finding a Moneymaker Blueprint

How do you figure out if the latest blueprint advertised as the magic money magnet will be your roadmap to affiliate success or a big waste of your time? Okay, you've selected a plan. The author/guru promises instant wealth. Here's what you do first - fire up your laptop and Google the author's name.

Look for comments and/or forum posts. Now Google the plan/blueprint name and research comments, articles, and forum posts. If you want brutally honest opinions, join a popular internet marketing forum and search for the author and plan/blueprint name. This Googling should turn up results to determine if you can truly make money with the product. If a lot of people think it's a waste of time, find another product.

Finding a Moneymaker Blueprint That's Also Usable

Here's a few ways to find out if the plan is easy to follow and fits your needs:

1. Test it before you buy it. This is difficult; most authors don't let you test until you buy.
2. Make sure it has a money-back guarantee so you can beat it up and then decide if it works for you.
3. Find out if the author supports the product with an email or phone system. If you're a new affiliate, chances are you'll have questions.

You're On Your Way to Selecting a Profitable Plan, But There's More - This article presents a solid start to finding a roadmap to affiliate success. If you don't want a dud blueprint in your future, check out Article Source: [] Road Map to Affiliate Success - How to Pick a Moneymaker Affiliate Marketing Blueprint