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Affiliate Marketing - A Money Maker and Major Pitfalls To Avoid

Affiliate Marketing - A Money Maker and Major Pitfalls To Avoid

By Scott Bradley

There are many reasons why people do not make money on the internet. On the same side, there are many reasons you can make money and lots of it. If done correctly, there is abundance in Affiliate Marketing. Please let me take away some of the myths and rumors why folks have not been successful.

First, patience is a major virtue. Affiliate marketing is simple to do yet, at the same time not easy. It takes time effort and the confidence to continue when you haven't gotten immediate results. Please do not expect to write one article, post it and then expect everyone to come knocking to visit your web page. It takes several posts of various articles to achieve any sort of traffic. Once you have many articles written and many resource boxes listed in articles on the net, you will get eventually noticed.

Secondly, lack of training. It takes time to learn how to create an effective followup method. If someone thinks you have enough good information to use and are willing to share their e-mail address with you, you must be willing to nurture and followup with that initial trust given to you from the reader.

Trying to promote to the wrong market. Just because you are interested in Bird Cages (I have picked a subject that I have not researched and their might be a huge interest in bird cages) does not mean that everyone is interested in that particular subject or item. You need to research the market by checking out the search term on the search engines.

Many of you have been misled by reading a skewed sales letter. It is skewed by showing you a click bank register or other program showing sales in the thousands of dollars. Take into account that this click bank report if indeed it is authentic, is verifying the sales to the author of the product and not typically personal sales of an affiliate product picked from a service such as click bank. In other words, I am trying to tell you to keep your feet on the ground and start by walking and not necessarily expecting to fly high with big commission checks overnight.

You probably do not have a degree in information technology. If you do, that is great, setting up web pages and auto-responders and payment facilitation will be easy for you. Yet, remember that the average person that wants to make money online hasn't got a clue what to do in setting this system up.

Like I said above, Affiliate Marketing is simple to do if you know the proper steps to take. Basically you have to go to a place such as Click bank and find a niche product that you want to promote and has a following as suggested by search engines. There are over 10,000 products that are being sold daily on the internet through a service such as Click bank. Once you have your account with them, find a product to promote with your unique link and ID. Next, you have to either have a web page or use the sales letter that comes with the click bank product, drive traffic to that site and hopefully the sales letter will do the rest. Two weeks after you have made a sale, click bank will send you a check for your commissions.

There are many free places to turn to research this and if you want some more basic information giving you some ideas to follow watch the free video listed below.

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