Friday, July 22, 2011

Make Extra Money On Computer With Zibzoom's Cash Vault

From Cash Vault To Zib Points To Cash

 Zibzoom is more than a search engine, allowing you to make extra money on computer as you get points from free offers in its Cash Vault, naturally called Zib points, which you convert to solid cash, at the end of each month. There is absolutely nothing on the internet to compare, where you can earn extra income from home fast, just for doing things you would normally do online anyway. Such as your online or offline searches, free coupons and other offers, getting paid for online surveys or playing games. A minimum of 500 Zib points monthly are required as a threshold for getting paid every month, but getting points is so easy that some associates have shown they can do this in just one day or less, and for action taken on just one offer.
Here is your video explanation  

Of course, some offers are associated with more Zib points than others, depending on their inherent value. Therefore it is possible to earn 00's of Zib points for taking action on just a single offer; and there are many of those offers available, making it easy to make extra money on computer. If, however, you really want to make the big money earning extra income from home fast, and maximise earnings, you would need the information at the footer to become a preferred associate, either Prime or Pacesetter. That's where you can now get fast start bonuses, team bonuses up to $25,000 paid weekly, and rank advancements with attendant bonuses to a maximum of  $100,000 per month. Click income pays you 5 levels deep and infinite levels wide. Visit your compensation plan video here 

Online Sales & Affiliate Marketing  
To succeed with online sales & affiliate marketing online, affiliates are afforded the opportunity to receive ongoing training from joining with me at click income tycoon This is critical to your online success, especially for newbies. You will learn how to make extra money on computer not only with zibzoom search engine, but with any business opportunity earn extra income from home fast. Here is my success story

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zibzoom Bargain Wizard-Shop, Save & Make Money With The Computer

Bargain Wizard Saves You TIME & MONEY While You Shop Online or Offline 

Where do bargain hunters online save & go to get their daily deals? Obviously from store to store to feed their appetite for finding the best deals and also to compare prices for the same item at different stores. Naturally, this time-consuming way has been eliminated with Zibzoom Bargain Wizard. Shoppers can save this time as they have all the prices of an item at top-rated stores on the same page, and can click on the one that matches their need & style. Furthermore, they do not have to spend time surfing the internet for great bargains,  or spend money dialing up companies or travelling from place to place. This is truly save and make money with the computer from home. A major step in creating wealth is to reduce expenditure, that is to save. With Zibzoom (more than a search engine) Bargain Wizard everyone can do this, that is save & earn money from home in comfort. Here is a Video Demonstration

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Experience Using Bargain Wizard Portal
You can enter your keyword for search or get a Quick Link to favorites. Then you have your Categories from Appliances to Jewellery down to Video Games to choose from followed by sub-categories. On a moving horizontal screen will be the 'Latest Bargains', then you can go on to 'Compare Prices/Description'. 'Merchants Availability & Price' will then appear. Just 'Go To Store' and you are awarded zib points from which you earn cash at the end of the month, whether you purchase or not. That's how rewarding Zibzoom is-more than a search engine! Why won't you then use Zibzoom for ALL your searches online? Of course you would! You like getting paid unlike when you use Google or Yahoo.

Bargain Wizard & DealConnex-Maximise Benefits
When Bargain Wizard experience is combined with that of DealConnex, which tells the bargain hunters online what daily deals are available in their local area, they will then agree 'Zibzoom provides  my deal every day'!
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