Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daily Deals 50%-90% Savings From DealConnex & Groupon

Have You Heard Of Groupon?

Sure you have! Groupon is the acknowledged industry leader in local daily deals with a massive 55 million users in the United States and Canada alone, growing by leaps & bounds every day, saving and making money in the internet. 

Introducing  Groupon
More and more bargain shoppers online are taking advantage of huge saving opportunities right in their home town and city, or are gifting to family or friends in other towns or cities in other countries as well.
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Groupon Has Partnered With DealConnex  

DealConnex has joined Groupon in a strategic business to business alliance to give bargain shoppers more variety of choices, naturally, in ever increasing local towns and cities. They use the awesome power of group purchasing, offering new deals every day. If enough persons bid on the advertised items in a particular town or city, everyone then gets to purchase at the highly discounted price. If not enough persons bid, the special price on the items expires, and there is no charge to your account. For its part, DealConnex provides major additional advantages:

(1 ) Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be earning more money online, getting paid just to share your link with others! This can be easily done through family & friends in other towns, cities, and countries abroad, as well as through living social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, etc. This opportunity is very lucrative as it creates a fantastic residual income for you up to five (5) generations deep! 

See how to Maximise your Earnings through DealConnex/Zibzoom

(2) Members sign up for FREE, and are sent every day to a local daily deal offering between 50-90% savings on an endless variety of purchases such as at Restaurants, Spas, Clothing, Concert tickets, Household items, etc, at local businesses. This saves you TIME, as you reduce the amount of surfing around you need to do on the Internet to find the best sites to save on purchases! Of course this contributes to local businesses and their growth, and they can come in on the deals also, on the business side. It's a win-win situation for both business and consumers.

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